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Aurora Interactive: a Canadian Healthcare IT Success Story

Aurora Interactive Ltd., a Montreal-based digital pathology communication software company, was created in 2002 to provide online pathology image management and collaborative tools to the medical community.

This is an innovative and unique offering because to date, most pathology samples and slides are not digitized, and practitioners need to use the microscope to directly look at sample tissue. Thanks to Aurora's products, doctors can examine and diagnose tissue samples simply by pulling it up on a screen rather than having to find the slides and look at them under the microscope. Aurora helps doctors save time and energy and improves access and sharing capabilities. The company's products are used in universities, hospitals, teaching hospitals, clinics and laboratories in six countries.

In January 2010, Aurora announced that it had won a comprehensive purchase agreement for its mScope Clinical and mScope Education communication platforms. The contract, the company's largest to-date, will service a network of 7 hospital and 14 health clinics integrated to the University of Laval, in Quebec City.

This Canadian company is well positioned to quickly and significantly penetrate the US and European market within the next 3-5 years.

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