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Private Equity Deals Seen Up As Much As 30% in 2010


    • Reuters reports Gregory Smith, President of Canadian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association projects that Canadian private equity buyouts will be up 30% in 2010 and that Canadian venture capital investing will remain in doldrums.

    • Legislated income trust conversions and government investments related to revamping infrastructure, and stimulus spending will drive private equity buyout interest and investments in sector participants.

    • The spread between private company owners' value expectations and prices that private equity players will pay has become smaller as Canadian economic activity sustains.

    • Private equity investment is a very viable option for Canadian companies worth less than $500 million.

    •  Venture capital looks like it will remain on sidelines.

 Takeaway:  Canadian private equity buyouts will grow strongly in 2010 and Canadian VC investing will remain weak.

Source: - By Pav Jordan

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